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Contact people from all over the world with this MSN Messenger-like chat client
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Are you feeling lonely, or bored? Why don’t to try to know new people on line with this Chat client? Beyluxe Messenger is another of many chat clients available on the web, only this one is available for free, which is very usual, but it’s also adware free which is not that usual. The main downside of this client is that it only allows you to chat with users of the same client. That is to say, you won’t be able to chat with Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger users. That could leave aside since those message clients are the most popular by far.
One thing is cute about this chat client is its interface and simplicity. Imagine its interface pretty similar to that of MSN Messenger, only without bothering banners and really neat. So while you are using Bayluxe Messenger you get a more relaxed feeling than when using other more commercial clients.
Besides what was previously commented the client works just fine, providing you with the most commonly used features in chat rooms, such as: private messages, public chat, ghost identity, chat rooms browsing, voice chat, video chat, among others.
Beyluxe Messenger is a very lightweight application which runs as a resident application, putting an icon on your system tray. You can use it in the background while you are working or playing a game. Another downside of this application is that it creates conflict with AVG antivirus, so in order to install Beyluxe Messenger and use it without errors you might need to uninstall AVG.

Lionel Mira
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  • It has a nice look
  • The interface is very intuitive
  • It's a simple-to-use application


  • If you are an AVG user you might need to uninstall it in order to use Beyluxe
  • It only allows contacting people who use the same client
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